Five Garden Wall Art Ideas For Your Outdoors

Five Garden Wall Art Ideas For Your Outdoors

Fences and walls are frequently neglected by the home owner yet they offer an opportunity to create a major design feature in the garden. There is a tendency to try and screen fences with plantings but there is a more creative way to treat your vertical spaces: as an outdoor art gallery.

Here are 5 suggestions to using art on your garden walls:

1. Get your favourite image reproduced onto outdoor canvas and hang on the back of the house, the garden shed or the boundary fence;

2. Install mirrors or reflective metal art to brighten dark areas of the garden and give an illusion of space;

3. Buy some metal garden trellis and fix it onto the walls creating a strong geometric pattern. Train your plants to climb your trellis structure. It is also possible to buy trellis that has been designed with a contemporary style and often look very effective even without plants;

4. Create some outdoor shelves and display items such as glass bottles, tea light candles, found wood or pot plants; and

5 Build a living picture with a vertical garden. Ensure the edges of your vertical garden are distinct from planting beds to create a sharp living wall art piece. A living wall can be made using wall planters such as Woolly Pockets or securing air plants onto the fence (air plants do not require soil and are very sculptural).


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